Rutul Thakkar

I have experience in android application development and making games using Unity and C++ SFML. I am interested in android development, making computer games, augmented reality and virtual reality applications. I am currently pursuing my MS in Serious Games at University of California Santa Cruz. I have used various version control software like Git and Perforce. I have also used various project management tools like Asana, Trello and Jira. I have created some games using C++, C#(Unity) and Java (Android) which you can see in the project section below.


Teaching Assistant

University of California Santa Cruz

Conducting twice a week lab sessions with students with focus on providing feedback and design critique of their games as well as monitoring their production process and issues. I am also helping the professor and other TAs in administrative work such as grading student assignments. Course: ARTG 120 Game Design Experience (Spring 2020) Instructor: Elizabeth Swensen

March 2020 - June 2020

Android Developer

Android Developer Intern

Hubilo Softech Private Limited
  • Collaborated using agile methodology with a team of backend developers, UI designers and mobile developers
  • Developed and maintained company’s 3 android applications
  • Created instances these applications for clients based on their requirements and published them on the app store.
  • Used various external android libraries such as Realm, SQLite, Retrofit, MPAndroidCharts, Glide, Picasso, ImageLoader, Jsoup, Volley, Google-Plus Login, Facebook Login, Twitter4J
May 2017 - July 2017
January 2017 - April 2017

Android Developer Intern

Stalkboom Solutions Private Limited

Developed android launcher application with features like app drawer, home screen shortcuts and app and web search. Designed an interface to share device information between Java and JavaScript using web view.

May 2016 - June 2016


Icelandic Language Learning Game [Serious Games]

Developed using Unity C# for Android (Feb 2020 - March 2020)

My contributions

Developed Android mobile serious game prototype in 4 weeks in a team of 6 using Unity in 2D

Performed research and conducted interviews with external stakeholder

Implemented tracing of Icelandic alphabets using touch and Line Renderer

Implemented drag and drop on touch for item matching

Description: We are a team of 6 who are working with actual industry stakeholders to come up with a fun and engaging game to teach Icelandic children aged 6 to 8 years old how to read and write simple letters and words in icelandic. The children are able to speak and express themselves in Icelandic but do not have basic reading and writing skills. Icelandic language is on the verge of extincting as it is not well used in modern day technology and media. The Icelandic government is working hard to preserve the language in various ways and we are trying to contribute to that by making this prototype game.

Spellcasters [Serious Games]

Currently under development using Unreal blueprints (Nov 2019 - Present)

We are a team of 4 who are working with external stakeholders at recreating and repurposing an existing game created by one of our Alumni for theraputic purposes. We had original developed some portions in Unity but now we are moving over to Unreal and working to implement various features like new environments, particle effects, multiplayer and so on. The game is VR based. The objective of the game is to help recover stroke survivers through a series of engaging activities which is intended to replace the existing activities that are being given out to patients. We would like to create an environment where in the patient and his or her doctor or a family member may be able to carry out the activites together.

Flu Prevention [Serious Games]

Developed using Unity C# (Jan 2020)

My contributions

I worked on creating basic stucture for the project by implementing a game manager and some basic mechanics like managing the medecine mechanic

I also implemented getting input and updated UI through C# code

We were a team of 4 who created a small educational game with the aim to raise awareness of flu and encourage the use of masks against flu infection. The game teaches players the functions of three main medical items: the disinfecting liquid that kills the flu virus, the mask that prevents flu virus from transmitting into your body through the air for a certain amount of time while the mask is on, and medicine that can treat flu infection. Flu is a disease that has become a major health issue this year in 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak in China with more than 95000 people affected as of March 2020 worldwide.

In the game you as the player are battling with a flu. You need to take action and there is no time to rest. Virus molecules are coming to attack you. You can attack them by throwing disinfectant liquid to stop and kill them or you can choose to wear a mask to resist their attacks for a few seconds. You can also take medicine to heal yourself if you are feeling weak. If you want to take medicine you need to remove your mask! Get ready to fight !

Link to Game: Download

Play Online on itch: Play Now!

Turtle Crossing [Serious Games]

developed using Unity C# (Jan 2020)

My contributions

I worked on implementing the spawning of trash on the center of the screen with a timer and also created the bin UI on the top

I also worked on drag and drop of the trash onto the bins and checking if the right bin has been selected or not. Which decided how many debris would spawn on the beach by the wave. The debris hurt and kill the turtles

We are a team of 6 who created a small educational game that aim to educate the player on the environmental aspects of waste disposal, to teach them correct ways to dispose of certain kinds of waste, and to alert them about the effects of certain systemic issues that can impact our individual abilities to recycle [e.g. National sword].

The player is tasked with quickly dragging waste of certain types to its appropriate bin. For example, apple cores go to the compost, soda can go to metal recycling, and cigarette butts go to the regular trash can. Depending on the speed and accuracy of the player’s ability to sort the waste, more or less debris will appear on a shoreline, impeding baby turtles’ path toward the ocean. The better you sort, the fewer turtles need to die.

A short time after beginning the game, the player will be alerted to new overseas legislation that prohibits the amount of recycling that can actually be done. Once this happens, plastic and paper recyclables dragged to their appropriate bins are bounced out into the garbage bin, rendering any actual effort sorting useless. This is reflective of the real-world recycling crisis currently happening as a result of China’s National Sword act, which is essentially a ban on importing most paper and plastic materials from other countries. Now, most of what is being pushed through the recycling process is not being recycled.

Link to Game: Download

Hovercraft driving game

Developed using Unity C# (Feb 2020)

This was an individual project

The game uses follow camera to keep track of the hovercraft as it moves around the mountain terrain. The objective is to collect all good objects and avoid all bad one. They are indicated with different colors. The hovercraft hovers at a set altitude and the player is able to move and turn the hovercraft. There is a finish line and a confetti particle effect when player collects all good objects and goes past the finish line. The hovercraft also has a thrust particle effect. The game has sound effects too and uses a sound manager that i implemented with singleton pattern. I created the all the assets for this game.

Link to Game: Download

Dungeon Crawler game

Developed using Unity C# (Feb 2020)

The game was created in 2D format. It uses external assets. I implemented 2D sprite animations, object collection using player movement and collision detection and spawn prefab objects at run time. The player faces a set of hurdles such as fire and enemies which he or she has to avoid. The player can plant bombs to kill the enemies.

Link to Game: Download

Political Election Spreadsheet Game

Developed in Excel using Visual Basic (VBA) user forms (Nov 2019)

It is a turned based game with the objective of managing your money and winning majority votes from 26 states before your opponent gets there. Players can use different media tactics such as Speech and Social Media based on your party strengths and targeted states to acquire more support of the population in a given state. I was involved in the designing of the user form UI and backend programming of the game. I imported data from excel sheets into collections and dictionary for manipulation. The game uses classes to structure the data and hold it in its objects.

Link to Game: Download


Developed in C++ with SFML (Nov 2019)

Features: Basic Breakout gameplay. Uses SFML for graphics. Game includes textures for brick and sound effects. Implemented both keyboard and mouse controls. There are different types of bricks: bricks that can be destoryed with one hit, with two hits and with three hits. Each this the ball hits a brick that has more than one hit required to break it, the brick texture changes accordingly. There are special bricks that increase ball speed and which increases paddle width. There are two levels and 3 lives, each time ball falls down you lose a life. Once both levels are cleared the game returns to first level with existing ball speed.

Link to Code: View Code Link to executable: Download


Developed in C++ with SFML (Nov 2019)

Features: Basic Pong gameplay. Uses SFML for graphics. Game includes user vs user mode, AI vs AI mode and AI vs user mode. It has texture for background and sound effects. Implemented for keyboard controls. Use spacebar to reset the game. First player to score 5 wins the game.

Link to Code: View Code Link to executable: Download

Connect Four

Developed in C++ (Oct 2019)

Features: Basic Connect Four gameplay + additional mods such as variable size array and required number of pieces to win, ability to remove along with to add a piece and checking for winning conditions with wrap mode (edge columns are merged to check if win is possible)

Link to Code: View Code Link to executable: Download

Flappy Bird Clone

Developed in C# using Unity for Android (Jan 2018)

Features: Basic Flappy Bird gameplay. Learnt the following concepts: Singleton Pattern, object pooling, scrolling background.

Link to Game: Download


Developed in C++ Team of 2 (Oct 2013)

We implemented the game for different categories of words which user can choose at the beginning from the given menu. My teammate also applied some simple graphics using “graphics.h” library. The game stores and retrieves data from different files based on user input.

Features: Select Category of words, GamePlay, View Highscore, View Game Instructions, View Credits

Link to Game: Download


University of California Santa Cruz

MS in Serious Games

GPA: 4.0 / 4.0

Sept 2019 - Present

Stevens Institute of Technology

Computer Science

GPA: 3.22 / 4.0

August 2018 - Dec 2018

Stanford University

Summer Session - Computer Science Intensive Study
June 2018 - Aug 2018

Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication

Master of Science in Information Technology

GPA: 8.33 / 10

July 2015 - May 2017

Ahmedabad University

Bachelor of Computer Applications

GPA: 4.28 / 4.33

July 2015 - May 2017

Northfields International High School

IGCSE and IB Diploma

IB Diploma Points: 26

Sept 2010 - June 2012


Programming Languages & Tools
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • R
  • Python
  • SQL
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Android
  • .Net
  • Unity
  • VS
  • NetBeans
  • Eclipse
  • Android Studio
  • Scratch
  • Love
.Net and Android Libraries
  • Google Plus Login
  • Facebook Login
  • Twitter 4J
  • Realm
  • Retrofit
  • Volley
  • SQ-Lite
  • Glide
  • Picasso
  • Jsoup
  • ImageLoader
  • MP Android Charts
  • Dev Express
  • Crystal Reports
Speaking Languages


My key areas of interest are mobile app development, augmented reality, virtual reality and game development.

Apart from being a developer, I enjoy doing swimming, playing football, badminton and volleyball. I also like to play video games, listen to music and watch movies.

My favorite tv shows are Friends, Everybody loves Raymond, The Big Bang Theory, Best of Luck Nikki, Good Luck Charlie, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Sumit Sambhal Lega.

Awards & Certifications